Tips to help you make your brief as tight as possible before production starts to let video-makers know the expectations of the project.

During Production


The jargon and timeframes of the production process once you have selected the video-maker that you feel can bring your ideas to life.

Post Production


Guidance on what to expect once the cameras stop rolling to help you to make sure the finished product is exactly as you imagined it.

About this eBook

Wooshii can help you to bring the brief to your video to life by connecting you with video-makers and animators across the globe. This eBook provides you as a buyer with a checklist of actions to consider across each stage of the production process.

About the Author

Fergus Dyer-Smith, Founder & CEO, Wooshii

Founding Wooshii in 2010, Fergus has established a platform where buyers can acquire highly creative and high quality videos that fit their needs across a range of price points that suit their budget.


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